How Much CBD Should I Give My Pet?

CBD has cemented itself as a great therapeutic means for pets. But for pet owners that have never administered it, understanding CBD dosage can seem intimidating. After all, with the loud reputation that cannabis products have, it’s easy to get a little spooked by the prospect of an incorrect dose.

Nonetheless, getting a handle on CBD is worth it. Doing so is much easier than expected, and can drastically improve your pet’s life.

So keep reading to understand how much CBD you should give to your pet. After reading, you’ll be closer to providing your pet with the relief it deserves.

What Is CBD?

CBD and THC both come from cannabis plants but come from different cannabis plants. While full-spectrum CBD products are derived from hemp, full-spectrum THC products come from marijuana. Yes, believe it or not, “hemp” and “marijuana” aren’t completely interchangeable.

Hemp does have traces of THC, but it must contain less than 0.3% to be legal in the US. 0.3% of THC is essentially negligible, though a plant’s THC levels also depend on many factors such as strain. While 0.3% will show up on a substance test, it will not get your pet high.

All this explains why CBD is only used for therapeutic purposes while THC is used for both therapeutic and recreational purposes. So if you’re worried about your pet experiencing any psychoactive “high” from THC, know that it won’t happen with reputable CBD products.

CBD for Pets — Benefits

Just as humans use CBD to ease painful symptoms, pets can too. In particular, pets can ease symptoms for conditions such as:

If your pet experiences any of these, it may be a good candidate for CBD. But if we’re being honest, nearly no pet is a bad candidate for CBD.

CBD for dogs is great for annual Independence Day celebrations when pets might be otherwise too spooked otherwise. Using CBD for pets with arthritis can also help them live life more comfortably since it alleviates symptoms of inflammation and pain.

CBD for Pets — Dosage

CBD dosage is a finicky subject, especially when it comes to pets. While humans can roughly estimate their dosage by factors such as age, weight, height, etc, pets can’t.

This applies especially to dogs. While CBD products will have a general dosing label based on weight, the breed also plays a huge factor in dosage. That means a small dog might be able to naturally tolerate a dosage higher than a big dog can because of its breed.

To stay on the safe side, use this guide to determine the dosage. It will instruct you to dose based on weight, but use it as a general guideline. Then, dose your pet half of the suggested dosage. Work your way up until you find the sweet spot, understanding when your pet feels relief and when they feel discomfort.

How Much CBD Is Good For My Pet?

Seeing your pet in pain is gutwrenching, and watching as their symptoms don’t improve can make you feel helpless. But with full-spectrum CBD, your pet can feel comfortable again, enjoying its new life with a newfound physical and mental relaxation.

At Happy Paws 4 Life, we sell CBD products so that pets can live their best, most comfortable lives possible. That’s exactly why we’ve created this guide, which tells you how much CBD to give your pet for optimal happiness. So if our mission speaks to you, then browse our CBD oil products today — one of them is bound to bring back that pep in Fido’s step.

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