A CBD Routine For Your Pet

A CBD Routine For Your Pet

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Restore Your Pets’ Body With A Daily CBD Routine

It’s common for those pet parents who use CBD regularly to experience greater health benefits than those who use it infrequently.  This is because CBD works at a cellular level to support the body from the inside.

The main system CBD supports is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  It’s in your body as well as in your pet’s body.  The (ECS) is responsible for regulating some of the body’s most important functions:

  • Joints
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep
  • Immunity
  • Mood & Memory
  • Pain Response
  • Fertility
  • Appetite & Digestion

Regular CBD use promotes a state of internal balance called homeostasis.  Maintaining homeostasis helps the body run smoothly so it can feel it’s best at all times.

There is a lot of information out there on CBD, but getting started on a program doesn’t have to be confusing!

Tips to beginning a CBD routine for a happier, healthier Pet:

  1. You can give the drops directly into your pet’s mouth 2 times a day.
  2. Put the drops into your pet’s food.
  3. Put the drops onto a doggy treat and give it to them that way

Manage Expectation:

No two pets will have the same experience with CBD, so it’s important to manage expectations.

Some can identify the exact moment when CBD takes effect, while others have a more subtle experience.  If you don’t see anything right away, that is a perfectly normal experience! Some pets may have an initial reaction to CBD in that they rest more.

Remember CBD doesn’t work as an instant cure all.  The most powerful benefits have to do with its long-term balancing effects on your pets (ECS).

Most will not experience the full balancing effects of CBD until about a month or taking it daily.  Consistency is key to allow the CBD to build up in their system.

Stick With It

If you still don’t see the desired effect of CBD after a month, you may not be on a dose that meets your pet’s needs.  Try going back and beginning a new dosage experiment. Most can overcome this by increasing the daily CBD intake

Remember that patience is key.

The more realistic expectations you have at the onset, the more likely your pet will have a favorable result.  CBD is not magic-it needs time to work its balancing act, so stick with it!

By Patrick Collins

Our Mission:

To provide an all-natural Super Omega, Prebiotic CBD products that will enhance the entire life span of your pet’s wellness physically, mentally and emotionally. This will reduce the financial and emotional pain we have for loving our pets.